Recruitment prize

Recruitment Prize Of Asher Clan

Instructions below:

If you recruit:

5 users: You will be a moderator in Asher clan’s chatbox

10 users: You will be an author and a moderator in Asher clan’s chatbox

15+ users: You will be an editor and owner in Asher clan’s chatbox

Note: Until August 14.2015

Note: Screenshot in recruitment is a must


No kiddie ranks

Well, many kids even teens love the rank of a captain,General,Liutenant,blah blah or something like that, i say no. no kiddie ranks.

ranks are:

Founder,Co Clan Founder,Members


Welcome in Plazma Burst 2 Asher clan’s website, where you can apply/join Asher clan , Asher clan was created by kneelfrox , one of the skilled map makers in Plazma Burst 2 , The history of Asher clan is like this; The leader is a kid when he made this clan, 1 year from now, kneelfrox is now in maturity stage, it means many things happening/changing in his life , and he realized to pic only one clan that he will lead, and now, welcome here in Asher clan!